Since 2010 Instagram has given way to hundreds and thousands of people just like you have built a brand for themselves, have grown their Instagram account and are now making 6 figures a month and living out their dream. 

Instagram is a tool that many use but only a few really know how to utilise...

So what defines Instagram growth.


Is it followers?

Is it engagement?

Is it post likes?

It is your ability to monetise your content?

Well... It's all of these things.


It's possible to have thousands of followers and literally ZERO engagement.


This can be due to a multitude of things, but most likely this certain person has paid for bots to build their account.


The Instagram algorithm notices this and realises that your account is not organically growing, but rather, you have an AI attached to your account, liking and commenting on different account. 

Now... You're probably asking yourself why THREE STRAND MEDIA? 

We are a digital marketing agency that partners with multiple influencers and businesses to help grow YOUR account ORGANICALLY. 


More followers, which means

More engagement, which means

More leads

For your brand or business

Stop struggling to grow your account and leave it in the hands of the professionals. 

We take the growth off your hands, so that all you need to do is focus on creating amazing content.